5 Useful Apps to deal with Time Management for Staying Productive


In the never-ending rush of daily life, we often find ourselves caught between mundane tasks or activities that serve as a drain of time. This leads to us losing focus on the real goals in life. How often is it that you are unable to put in that hour of sweat in the gym or on the study table? For people who work 9 to 5 jobs, pursuing other goals may just recede to dream-like memories.

To help you out with this problem, here is a list of apps that we have tested that can help you organise the clutter in you life and help you save those precious moments lost each day.

  1. 135 LIST

This is a great application that helps you prioritise your day with the 1-3-5 rule. Everyday you can choose 1 big thing, 3 medium things and 5 small things to accomplish. So, you can easily set your daily targets and add your long standing goals within.

For example, a person who wishes to prepare for the IAS examination can if needed add the daily goal of studying 3-4 hours after office on the list. Having a to-do list prioritised according to importance will help you set time accordingly.

  1. Allocate time for different tasks – 30/30


What if you could initialise a list of tasks as well as add a countdown timer to ensure that you finish a specific task in a given time. Well, here is an application that lets you do just that.

You can schedule your task and can track its progress. After using this application we realised how much we were over-compensating when it came to time allocation. This has improved our efficiency and will definitely do the same for you. The hours that just don’t seem to exist will surely come into your life with this app. However, it has a downside, it is only available for iOS.

You can download it from the App Store from the following link 30/30.

  1. Rescue Time

So, you have a habit of binge-watching shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Or maybe you like to spend hours on reddit when you must really be doing something productive. Well, here is an application that allows you to assess your time spending.

You can easily see your daily mix of time spent on various devices across various platforms. Seeing the amount of time spent you will be easily able to see where you have been wasting time. It also calculates a productivity score based on categories that have been pre-defined comparing it to your previous days’ performances. Too strict, maybe?

  1. Trello – Collaborative work management

This is a wonderful app that helps co-ordinate projects with multiple people. This reduces the clutter of emails and messages that are often sent between multiple people. With everything on the dashboard it also helps reduce the confusion.

This is a great application to help you improve work space productivity so that you don’t spend those extra hours working on projects eating into your goal-time.

  1. Pocket – An organizer for all your reading and watching needs

Now, this is a fantastic application. It allows you to store all that you need to read/watch/listen so that you can access it when you have the time. So, rather than read that interesting article during work time, you can save it for later and shift it to other hours.

This is especially useful for people who are preparing for government jobs. Since, a lot of you have to read current affairs articles and listen to TV debates etc. you can easily bookmark all these under Pocket and then peruse them all at once. This will also help you keep track of different opinions and sources of information of one piece of news. This way you can make notes coherently and concisely.

We know how important time is and still more important are the goals that you may have set in your life. Now is the moment to seize that time and re-plan your day using these wonderful applications so that you can achieve what you are meant to be.

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