Modern Rice Mill – Small Business Idea


Rice is the one of the most important food grains. It is used in almost all homes as eatables. It has good filling capacity as a food grains. Rice is grown in many regions across India. For about 65% of the people living in India, rice is a staple food for them. India alone has about 45 million hectares of area, and it produces close to 93 million metric tons of rice from 2001 onwards. West Bengal is the largest in rice production followed closely by UP and Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Orissa and Tamilnadu are the other growing states. Out of the total agriculture crop produce, rice alone accounts for 42% of this. It provides employment to 70% of citizens living in village. Rice in Andhra Pradesh is known as Annapurna, and it is supplied to many other states of India. It is also ranked among the firsts in national productivity. India is slowly became one of the main consumer and exporter of the rice in the world.

PRODUCT AND ITS USES Rice is a staple food for the majority of population in India. Rice bran is a byproduct of the rice milling process and it contains various antioxidants that impart beneficial effects on human health. This can be utilized for the production of oil and as animal feed. The rice bran oil is a niche product and is being promoted as healthy oil. The husk is having high calorific value and used as a source of energy. The husk is a delicacy for horses and is in good demand for animal feed. ·

Our Project Profile contains the following

Ø  Project Proposal

Ø   Profit at glance

Ø    Plant and machinery Suppliers details

Ø    PMEGP scheme Details

Ø    NEEDS Scheme details

Ø    List for Bankable project report preparation

Ø    CR business solutions profile

Project Cost: Rs. 170.00 Lakhs  ( Rs. 75.00 lakhs  working Capital)

Govt. Subsidy: 25-NEEDS  Scheme

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